2021 Bachelor Programs Application OPEN

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Bachelor Programs

Students are required to complete the curriculum in one of the majors listed below within 4 to 6 years and fulfill the designated number of credits. Successful graduates will receive a graduation certificate along with the bachelor's degree, according to the regulation of the Degree Committee. Tuition fee is between CNY 20,000-24,000 per year.

Application Period

From Jan. 1st, 2021 to April 30th, 2021


n  Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages

n  Physical education    

n  Sports training    

n  Traditional Chinese sports      

n  Acting

n  Applied psychology  

n  Sports rehabilitation and health

n  Physical therapy 

n  Journalism   

n  Art of broadcasting and hosting    

n  Marketing    

n  Sports economics and management

n  Social sport direction and administration

n  Choreographer   

n  Recreation sports      

n  Sports tourism

n  Physical fitness


Ø  non-Chinese citizens with a valid passport

Ø  healthy physically and mentally

Ø  above 18 but not over 25 years old

Ø  attained Senior Secondary Certificate of Education

Ø  applicants of Sports training should hold a semi-professional sports skills; applicants of Performance and Choreographer should have art education background.

Ø  HSK 5 or Graduate Certificate of Chinese preparatory Schools

Ø  No criminal record

*Applicants under 18 years old should submit Guardian's Guarantee Statement (check Download on our website).

How to apply

Step 1: Online application

Please visit http://admission.sus.edu.cn to register and fill in the application form, upload the required digital application documents listed and complete the online application.

Step 2: Pay application fee

500 RMB (non-refundable) via online application or by transferring to the university account:

Customer’s Bank in China Agricultural Bank of China Shanghai Branch    


Customer’s A/C NO.  033267-00881002983    


Customer’s Address:  NO.650 Qing Yuan Huan Rd., 200438, Shanghai, China

ACCOUNT of US Dollars     

Customer’s Bank in China Agricultural Bank of ChinaShanghai Branch     


Customer’s A/C NO.  09421014040005359     


Customer’s Address NO.650 Qing Yuan Huan Rd., 200438, Shanghai, China

*  Please write your passport name and “application fee” while transferring.

Further information http://cice.sus.edu.cn/English/admission/Application/Undergraduate_Program.htm


 Office of International Students Services

School of International Education, Shanghai University of Sport

No. 650 Qingyuan Ring Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai, 200438, P. R. China

TEL 86 21 65507702

EMAIL lxs@sus.edu.cn