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Shanghai Summer School (3S) 

2021 Chinese Wushu Program (Online)  

Program description

Shanghai Summer School (3S) 2021 Online Wushu Program (hereinafter referred to as the Program) has been held from June to July every year since 2012. 

It is sponsored by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and organized by Shanghai University of Sport, School of International Education, 


Every year the Program recruits students from oversea teenagers who has a keen interest in Chinese culture and Chinese Wushu and gives them an all-round experience to feel and appreciate Chinese culture.

The Program offers a series of activities including Wushu course, cultural class, Chinese language course, theme lectures, and on-site visits.

The Program serves as an exchange platform for oversea students to learn about Chinese Wushu culture, and provides overseas Chinese culture lovers with an excellent opportunity to experience Chinese culture and understand China and Shanghai.

Program structure

1. Wushu practice course (10 sessions)  

2. Wushu lecture (sessions)  

3. History and culture lecture (sessions) 

4. Chinese language course (sessions)  

5. Cultural experience course (sessions) 

6. On-site visit (1-sessions) 

7. feedback and briefing (1-sessions)

Final schedule will be announced on our e-classroom platform. 

Program feature

1. Teaching platform: live and recorded streaming, online classroom (small class)

2. Video materials: top Wushu teaching video + Chinese cultural elements + Shanghai urban charm + Shanghai University of Sport

3. Course teaching assistant arranged to solve course matters in and out of class

4. Wushu guidance: Wushu masterprovide online guidance and communication

5. Communication and interaction: performance and learning exchange obetween Chinese and foreign Wushu students

6. Language: Chinese and English, with English subtitles

Program duration

Four weeks (28 days), June 9, 2021-July 6, 2021

 (Subject to change according to actual situation)

Registration time

April 15, 2021 - May 15, 2021(UTC/GMT+8 Beijing time)


Enrollment target

1. 14 to 55 years old, sound in body and mind, non-Chinese nationality

2. Interested in Chinese Wushu, Chinese culture and aspires to understand China, Chinese Wushu and Chinese sports culture

3. Be able to communicate in Chinese or English

Program cost

Online course, free of charge.

Application process

1. Online application: http://admission.sus.edu.cn/, register via email account.

2. After successfully registering, go to the application page and click online application→Shanghai Government Scholarship→General Visiting Student→Shanghai Summer School (3S) Wushu Program, and fill in the application form.

3. When applying online, you must upload:

² The bio-data page of the passport copy

² Personal ID photo

² School personnel shall upload proof documents of student status: photocopy of student ID card/certificate of enrollment issued by the school or copy of university admission notice (in both Chinese and English, original copy and Chinese or English translation in other languages); Social personnel shall provide work certificate (in Chinese or English, original copies and Chinese or English translations in case of other languages)

² Be sure to write down your contact information, especially personal email address and WeChat account (if any).

★ Please email to wushusus@126.com for any assistance.

Admission letter

1. Within one week after submitting the application, the applicant will receive the admission result, and the admission result will be sent to the email address you provide previously. If you do not receive a notice within a week, please write to wushusus@126.com for inquiry.

2. In the admission email, students will be invited to join the online class of the summer school and be required to prepare a local mobile phone number in advance to register for an account.

Program assessment:

1. Consists of three parts: online submission of Wushu practice videos and photos + study notes + full attendance.

2. During the period of the Program, the attendance rate must be above 90%, and the homework must be submitted on time before graduation.

3. Students who have successfully completed the studies will be issued an e-completion certificate.

Obligations of both parties

1. The applicant must guarantee that the application information and materials submitted are true and ensure that his or her health condition is applicable to the Program. Whoever practices fraud will bear the consequences.

2. During the implementation, Shanghai University of Sport only undertakes the obligation of teaching, and the offline activities of the students shall be irrelevant to Shanghai University of Sport.

3. Students who participate in the Program are deemed to have agreed to the rights and responsibilities of the Program and are willing to comply with the relevant Chinese laws and the relevant regulations on the management of overseas students of Shanghai University of Sport.

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